Tempus chooses online document generation

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To facilitate its employees that want to apply the new corporate design in the Microsoft Office environment, Tempus has made use of a by B-ware developed and hosted document generator. Via a secure connection, employees of Tempus can request the document via a simple Web page and add the correct organizational information. The application can be used without any installations on the workstation.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook signature

Currently there is a choice of models in Word, Excel and PowerPoint format. The chosen document is opened on the employee’s computer automatically in the appropriate application. The same website, one can edit their Outlook signature and settings.

About Tempus

In the province of South Holland, the Eneco Installation are represented by various offices under the direction of the Tempus head office in Schiedam. In both private and business markets, Tempus is a reliable and professional partner in maintenance, repair and installation and advice on heat and water heaters. From Schiedam and Delft, people are working in South Holland. Tempus knows heat.

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