Strukton International with DocSys.Web®

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Strukton has chosen the DocSys.Web application to generate documents in its very own corporate design on all of its workstations. All employees of Strukton and its subsidiaries in the Netherlands and abroad can now generate Word and PowerPoint documents in the correct corporate design. In addition, DocSys.Web offers users the possibility to create different e-mail signatures in Outlook.


Because of the organisation’s international character, users can select the language of the screens and help menu themselves. At the moment, Strukton employees can choose from four different languages, Dutch, English, German and French. In the future, other document languages can be added if necessary.

Users can create Office models in several different languages. Initially, eight different document languages have been included. Users can even change the document language if they want to reuse an existing document. All core components from the model will then be translated into the selected document language. Even the spell checker will automatically be set to this new language.

Although users can choose from different languages and several logos, the functional manager only has to maintain one letter template.

Business Units

Despite Strukton’s complex business structure, which consists of five operating companies with many business units, managing the logos within the models has been restricted to a minimum. At the moment, more than 115 different entities, with accompanying logos and legal data, have been added.
Each user can, by means of a sender’s book, be connected to one or more business units. After this, DocSys.Web will automatically insert the correct logo and legal data.

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