Stedin Adopts Document Generator

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To facilitate its employees with the implementation of the new corporate design in the Microsoft Office environment, Stedin will use of a by B-ware developed and hosted document generator. Through a secure connection, Stedin employees can access the desired documents and provide them with the correct company details. The application can be used without having to install anything on workstations.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Outlook Signature

At the moment, employees can choose from various Word models, one Excel and one PowerPoint model. The selected document is automatically opened in the right application on the employee’s computer. The Outlook signature can also be configured and set through the same website.

About Stedin

As a grid operator, Stedin is responsible for the safe and reliable transmission of electricity and gas. Stedin provides the transmission of gas and electricity in the Randstad area to almost two million private, business and governmental clients. In addition, Stedin, as grid operator, is responsible for the installation, expansion and maintenance of the transmission network. Stedin has been the new name of Eneco NetBeheer since July 1, 2008. Stedin has its own distinct position in the market. This is accordance with Eneco’s policy that the grid operator should play an independent role in the energy market, which calls for a clear and distinctive name. Stedin is a combination of the Dutch words “stedelijk” and “dynamisch”, meaning “urban and dynamic”. In the logo, the extension “.net” has been added to clarify that Stedin’s core task is the management of transmission networks.

Stedin is a 100% subsidiary of Eneco Holding NV and has establishments in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Delft.


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