Data links in documents save time and avoid frustration. DocSys retrieves data from all kinds of CRM, ERP and e-HRM systems. This prevents mistakes and saves a lot of time.

Retrieve document layout from back office applications/basic systems

Modern IT systems are converted into a three-layer architecture (user interface, process and data). Document layout is frequently left behind in the basic system, while this is a presentation function. The layout options of a back office system are frequently limited, while package specialists are expensive and scarce. DocSys can function as an intelligent layout module. This enhances the flexibility and document image and reduces the maintenance costs.

Prevent retyping of data with data links

The management information that DocSys provides enables you to see how many documents of a certain type (model) are created and how much time your employees require to do this. With a data link you reduce the number of human actions. The employees appreciate the savings in time and the line managers appreciate the increase in quality.

Systems DocSys has linked with: