Publish & Image Designer

No DTP application required in order to make an impression on your client

For Publish you do not require a Publisher or other DTP application. Integration with the other DocSys modules (Text Assistant, Clip Assistant, Image Designer, Tables and Graphs) enables you to rapidly produce simple (two to three pages) communication and also print fast under your own management. You save time and money and can personalise communication.


With Publish you can enter text, images, graphics and tables in your printed material. The creation of leaflets, factsheets, references, business cards and campaign posters in your house style is just as simple as the creation of a presentation. You can produce almost any type of communication with a few predefined page layouts.

DocSys is completely ‘what you see is what you get’. This means that a print will always fit onto the paper type that you have selected. You create a normal or high-resolution PDF file with a single push of the button. The high resolution file is suitable for sending directly to the printer. You will not incur any more DTP costs. Production time is cut to minutes without the time consuming rounds of approval and correction.

Image Designer

The Image Designer enables you to scale images to a desired size in a simple manner. It is also possible to make a crop on the basis of a size that you specify. You are shown a square of the crop. Change the crop to the correct size simply by moving the cursor over the image.


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