New product: Survey.Web

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Recently B-ware successfully launched a new product: Survey.Web.

Survey.Web can be used to conduct surveys and questionnaires. By using the extensive reporting functionality, the results can be analysed in a comprehensive manner.

Starting 14 October, NS (Dutch Railways) used Survey.Web to conduct surveys about the ease of use of the NS-Document System, as DocSys.Web is called at NS. NS wanted to know which of the various components of this system are used most, which are the user’s favourite documents and whether the ease of use is at a desired level. In addition, users were given the opportunity to suggest points of improvement for the NS document system.

Based on results of these surveys, several workshops have been held at NS and a panel for testing new versions of the NS document system has been has been compiled from volunteers. B-ware has started making improvements to DocSys.Web based on results from the surveys too.

The entire study was prepared in collaboration between NS and B-ware. After identifying the various options to set up an investigation, the newly launched Survey.Web was used to construct and conduct appropriate surveys.

For more information, please contact B-ware Business Software, Enschede, The Netherlands.


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