Printer Tray Control

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Printer Setup

Within DocSys.Web, staff from the Child Care Council have the possibility of configuring printer trays to available printers. That is, B-ware has arranged optimal printer tray control so the staff of the Child Care Council have the opportunity to indicate what type of paper is in which printer tray. The document models of DocSys.Web have the paper type defined for the front page and following pages. Within this definition, the following types of paper are included: blank, preprinted, address and shipping labels.

Printer Management Module

The staff can link the printer tray with the right paper type. DocSys.Web ensures that the configuration runs smoothly. Network printers and printer trays can be grouped together so the employee can specify for a group of printers which printer tray is to be used for the specified paper. Moreover, employees who have not created documents through DocSys.Web can profit from the printer control as well. The printer management module users do not have to allocate the paper types, although this remains a possibility.

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