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The assignment

For Wooncompagnie it is extremely important that its employees communicate with the tenants and partners in a clear and unambiguous manner. The documents must have the same house-style in terms of content, thereby increasing recognisability and awareness.

To make the work processes for its employees as efficient as possible a link has been made with the eWorx document management.

Letters and presentations in house-style

Housing association Wooncompagnie has chosen DocSys.Writer and DocSys.Impress. Writer can be used to create all in-house correspondence in house-style. Impress is used for presentations. Employees can use this to easily create a presentation in the house-style of Wooncompagnie or that of the subsidiary.

By expanding the functionality of Impress with the Slide Assistant, Wooncompagnie has given its employees a way to create presentations efficiently.

DocSys.Web link with eWorX

The linkage of DocSys.Web with DMS eWorx by SquareDMS offers three advantages:

  1. Features of the documents created with DocSys.Web are automatically registered and saved in eWorx
  2. DocSys.Web is used as a document generator. It generates an initiative document or reply letter with data from eWorx
  3. Data can be retrieved from eWorx through the DocSys.Web user interface

Migration from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005

At Wooncompagnie the migration will be from SQL 2000 to 2005. DocSys.Web is prepared for this.

­René Mackenbach, Head of IT at Wooncompagnie, is extremely satisfied with the use of DocSys.Web:
“The employees appreciate the fact that key words are entered automatically by eWorX when they create initiative documents. The employees no longer have to worry about the placement of the document in the correct document type.”

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