One Logo for the Entire Central Government

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On the 28th of December, Prime Minister Balkenende presented the new logo for all units of the central government. The logo, which costs 60,000 Euros, led to questions by the SP (the Socialist Party) because it only differs minimally compared to the logo that is already used by the Ministry of General Affairs.

In a written reply on the 29th of January, the Prime Minster denied that the new government logo is simply a copy of the logo of General Affairs. The latter is supposedly part of a much bigger logo. In addition, a complete new corporate design has been developed around the new logo and, according to Balkenende, 60,000 Euros is a reasonable price for a new government logo.

Over the next three years, the new logo will replace all separate logos that, among others, are used by other ministries. Since two ministries are already using DocSys as its main application to generate all their correspondence in conformity with the corporate design, B-ware will carefully monitor these developments.

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