New logos within Carma DocSys for Nuon

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Due to the introduction of new names for the various companies within Nuon, B -ware provided new logos within the correspondence series Carma DocSys. Carma DocSys has been used by Nuon as the main system for document generation in the correct corporate design since 2002.

Through the auto-update mechanism within DocSys, the employees have direct access to new new models.

New names

New names and logos that were added, were:

  • Alliander NV (Alliander is the umbrella organization of the following three sections)
  • Liander,formerly Continuon Grid
  • Liandon,formerly Nuon Tecno Complex Infrastructures
  • Liandyn,formerly Dynamicon lighting in public spaces and traffic control systems

The names for Nuon are based on the French word “liaison”, meaning connection. This refers to the network connections but also the relationship the company has with society. It is also considered a new corporate identity. The names have each already been given a different colour. Alliander is in green, Liander is in blue, Liandon is red and Liandyn is yellow.

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