AFAS Partner

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We are proud to announce B-ware Business Software is partnering with AFAS. Data links in documents save time and avoid frustration. DocSys can retrieve data from all kinds of IT systems (such as AFAS Profit). This prevents mistakes and saves a lot of time. DocSys ensures that your Office documents are automatically created in the right corporate… Read more

Fast and flawless: Document generator

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Generate personalised documents for your clients and relations fast and flawlessly with the DocSys server-based document generator. Like Jan van Garderen, CFO and head of ICT at Heuvelrug Wonen says: “This is the speed we were waiting for”. Personalised documents Whether you’re making a few personal documents or a complete personalised bulk mailing, the document generator… Read more

Corporate identity: templates and models

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Many organisations use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates to create letters and presentations according to their corporate identity. DocSys uses intelligent house style models, which let you create documents and presentations with ease. Many benefits The house style models in DocSys help you to create your correspondence according to your corporate identity. These models work… Read more

New: E-mail Pay-off for Outlook

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Enhance communication by e-mail, support campaigns More and more communication is digital. With DocSys.Web you are assured of the right corporate branding in all your e-mails. The Signer module makes sure the correct e-mail signature is placed in all e-mails. Signer is now extended with the ability to add a Pay-off to e-mail signatures. The… Read more

Headlines increases call to action

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44% more traffic, increase sales and profit Recent research in a Business to Consumer setting (15.000 consumers) has shown that 66% of consumers e‑mail defaults prevent that images are downloaded automatically. Many recipients therefore see newsletters with empty boxes or red crosses. We find this unfortunate: a good first impression dramatically increases website traffic. Beautiful… Read more

Know your (new) customers

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More and more organizations are recognizing the value of sending (online) mailings and / or newsletters, either as a supporting acquisition and sales tool or as an implementation of the so-called “branding”. They can be used to keep your audience aware and informed about the latest developments as well.   The use of variable content… Read more

Headlines and BYOD

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Businesses will more and more often encounter BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device”. Employees bring their iPad or smartphone to the office and associate it with an e-mail account or connect to a system through a remote desktop connection. Usually the IT department does not allow these devices to connect directly to the corporate network.… Read more

DocSys.Web for SMEs

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Smaller companies are sometimes deterred by our client portfolio. We have so many large companies as customers that SMEs often think that we are too expensive for them. We believe this is unfortunate, as we would like to share the experience that we have gained in these larger organizations. Processes and company structures often correspond,… Read more

Mail merge with DocSys.Web

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When a letter has to be send to a large number of people, it is convenient to use mail merge functionality. Nearly every company sends these types of letters; monthly invoicing, service contracts. Everyone who has ever used the Word mail merge functionality knows that, when a large mailing list is used, it can take… Read more

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013

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The preview version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 has been made available and our developers could not wait to get started. DocSys.Web is fully compatible with this new version of Office. This means we can spend the time remaining until the official release to explore all the new functionalities that have undoubtedly been added.… Read more