Writer & Text Assistant


DocSys provides the house style layout in Microsoft Office Word and Open Office Writer. Writer works with house style models. Writer is suitable for a wide range of models: letter, memo, report, fax, press release, report, tender, agenda, minutes, address label.

A house style controls the house style layout, the creation process (entering features) and the integration with your other systems (contacts from Outlook).

Even if a document is reused, the latest version of the house style model is always used because it is a web application. Reuse saves the user time, while the house style and required registration are still guaranteed. Writer contains a great many practical elements. For example, the ‘secretary button’, which enables the easy creation of various types of correspondence.

Text Assistant

This enables you to enter flat text blocks or intelligent text blocks produced with the Text Designer in your documents. DocSys supports the convenience of standard text blocks as default. If you use HRM correspondence books or notarial/Legal contract in your organisation you can use the Text Designer and Document Wizard to create a set of maintenance and user-friendly default letters/contracts that increase quality and shorten production time.