Text Designer & Document Wizard

Extensive correspondence book functionality

You can use the DocSys Text Designer and Document Wizard to create a set of low maintenance and user-friendly text blocks and default letters. For example, this functionality was used by Logica/KPN/Ministry of Justice and the KLPD to shorten the response time and increase the accuracy of the correspondence.
Combining the Document Wizard and the Text Designer saves you time and work. Working with a correspondence book becomes much simpler. The fact that there are fewer variants reduces the chance of selection errors and means that it requires considerably less effort to maintain.

Text Designer

You can create intelligent text blocks with the Text Designer. For example, you can include choices in the text (man/woman) and use optional text sections in a block (yes/no lease car). It is also possible to make choices on the basis of tables or external data. For example, if you have selected the value senior employee from a multiple choice field once, the accompanying values/texts are entered in the rest of the text block. The intelligence in the text blocks mean that there are fewer text block variants.

Document Wizard

You can use the Document Wizard to link text blocks to a house style model. In a normal correspondence book, three text blocks in two types of letters result in six physical documents. It is possible to select the incorrect variant for use. When text is changed this must be implemented for every type of letter. Default documents do not have to be changed because they place text blocks in a house style model as a type of hyperlink.

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