Multi Label Manager

The DocSys Multi Label Manager offers the possibility to create a library of logos and to link these logos to business units or departments. Linkage to house style models enables you to determine which house style features (logo, name, location, etc.) are used at the departmental level.

This can produce tremendous savings in companies with several labels (such as Strukton) or companies with location-dependent ‘branding’ (such as Arcadis) because different entities can use the same house style model.

Multilingualism, help texts and access rights

DocSys is based on Unicode, which means that languages with their own symbol
sets (Cyrillic, Chinese, Turkish). DocSys goes exceptionally far in multilingual support. The screens, data fields in those screens and the help texts are multilingual (language is saved in external tables). Help texts can be updated locally by appointed content managers.

DocSys follows the client’s Windows (active) directory structure. For this you are not required to set up a separate system for rights, roles and authorisation. There are no system extensions for this (while it is arranged outstandingly) because existing facilities are used.

Want to see the opportunities yourself?

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