Impress & Slide Assistant


DocSys implements the house style layout in Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Open Office Impression presentations. Extra functionality is added in the familiar Windows look & feel, and this saves your staff time. Images, tables and graphics can easily be incorporated in the presentations in the house style with, for example, the Clip Assistant, Table and Graph Wizard.

Due to the web-based open hybrid architecture of DocSys, the advantages of writer also apply to Impress. For example, all models and layout functions are displayed neatly together in the house style toolbar (or ribbon). Impress releases you from the headache of rogue presentations in the old house style because the most current house style models are applied during reuse.

Slide Assistant

The Slide Assistant enables you to easily retrieve and enter slides from a library. The fact that DocSys facilitates reuse means that you do not have to constantly re-enter the features. These features are also placed in the presentation properties, which means that you can search for slides on the basis of theme or topic with default Office functionalities.

A great many companies create default presentations. However, it is much handier to save professional presentations as single slides. This provides the same management and user advantages as the use of default text blocks. Your employees have a head start with the simple, reusable, professional quality company slides.

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