E-mail: Message, Signer, E-mail Pay-off

Message, e-mail in house style

DocSys.Message makes it easy to send an e-mail in the house style. A great deal of communication with clients is done via e-mail. E-mail is an important client contact point and a frequently poorly facilitated ‘brand touchpoint’. An investment in e-mail models therefore has a relatively high impact on the image that client’s develop of an organisation.

Signer, for the right e-mail signature

Signer places the correct e-mail signature in your mail application (usually Outlook) and it also makes it easy to arrange the correct e-mail signature. Signer is available as a module that is separate from Message.

E-mail Pay-off Manager (Outlook)

Signer can be extended with the Email Pay-off module. Create multiple Pay-offs with images and text that are alternately displayed and link to specific landing pages. The perfect support for campaigns.

Benefits and flexibility E-mail Pay-off

  • Choice of text or an image or a combination of both;
  • Font always set in house style, size and colour can be chosen per word;
  • Work with multiple Pay-offs at the same time;
  • Duration and priority / importance of items can be set in advance;
  • Use different Pay-offs for internal and external communication.

CRM integration

The Achilles heel of every CRM or Contact Management System is the timely and correct input of client data. If a mail with an att
achment is sent to a contact that is not registered in the CRM, Message passes the already known (Outlook) contact data to your CRM or Contact Management System plus the registration of the e-mail that has been sent. This saves your employees time and keeps your CRM updated.