DocSys ensures that your Office documents are always created in the house style by your employees. DocSys is a suite of flexible modules that can be set up in accordance with the client’s wishes.

Migration and convenient maintenance, five reasons to choose DocSys

  1. Models are written in open as default and are independent of the version of Office.
    For example, in the migration from Office 2013 to Office 2016 you are not required to implement any changes. Your house style models will continue to work. For a migration to Open Office you are only required to change the basic templates once.
  2. Model changes (maintenance) are applied automatically via the Internet.
    This means that your employees are always working with the most current models. Also when documents are reused. DocSys uses the existing infrastructure for management, which means that your IT department does not have to set up a separate authorisation or management system.
  3. Models and applications are completely multilingual.
    This means that you only have to develop and maintain a single house style model for English, French and German documents. The correct spelling and grammar check is selected automatically on the basis of the document language. In addition, the screen and help text language can be changed separately. All language texts (from text Block to help text) can be maintained by local content managers.
  4. Models are label/brand independent and can be managed at the departmental level.
    You can manage house style specific issues such as logos, tag lines and subscriptor at the departmental level. This produces substantial savings if you have several identities/divisions.
  5. Models and input metadata determine the correct selection of printer trays.
    The correct printer tray is selected for the set print form on the basis of the models and input metadata (or automatically linked features) and the (network) location. Printing can no longer be incorrect, which is good for the environment and your bank balance.

Want to see the opportunities yourself?

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