NS about Office 2010 with DocSys.Web®

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NS intends to implement Office 2010 throughout the company in the forthcoming months. As it is not simple to teach 8000 new software in a short period of time, DocSys.Web (pronounced DocSysdotWeb) is being used as an aid.

The first step in this process has just been completed. The entire organisation has migrated to the latest version of DocSys.Web. Office Toolbar Manager is integrated in this version. This allows the personalisation of the ribbon – the Office 2007 and 2010 tool bar – in accordance with the wishes of the NS.

The next step is to use the assistance of the Office Toolbar Manager to adjust the Office 2010 ribbon in such a way that the functions with which employees are familiar can be found at a glance. This saves NS a great deal of familiarisation time during the migration from Office 2003 to 2010 because the users only need the NS ribbon for their daily work and do not have to search for where the well known functions are hidden in the new interface.

NS and the employees of B-ware are currently conducting an inventory with which the existing tool bar will be expanded in order to have the migration progress as smoothly as possible.

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