Mail merge with DocSys.Web

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When a letter has to be send to a large number of people, it is convenient to use mail merge functionality. Nearly every company sends these types of letters; monthly invoicing, service contracts.

Everyone who has ever used the Word mail merge functionality knows that, when a large mailing list is used, it can take a while before the letters have been generated. To make matters worse, the entire system might seems to freeze. Quite unpleasant.

With DocSys.Web we have developed a solution to this problem: The DocSys.Web Documentserver. When one of our clients uses DocSys.Web to create a personalized bulk mailing, the Documentserver takes over. This means that the workload is delegated from the system of the sender to the more powerful server. The computer can be used while the server generates the individual letters. No unnecessary loss of time.

Of course it is often very important to know to whom this letter was sent. In the ideal situation every address has its own folder in which a copy of the letter is placed, just like before. DocSys.Web can automate this, fully digital, by integrating DocSys.Web with a Document Management System. Then the individual letters will be archived in the correct folder.

Several Social Housing corporations currently use this system. When a mailing is send to a thousand different tenants all individual letters are automatically archived at the correct location with the correct keywords. The employees are not interrupted in their work nor do they need to manually archive the letters.


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