Headlines increases call to action

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44% more traffic, increase sales and profit

Digitale newsletter and e-mail marketing tool Headlines increase traffic and conversion. Important for more profit

Recent research in a Business to Consumer setting (15.000 consumers) has shown that 66% of consumers e‑mail defaults prevent that images are downloaded automatically. Many recipients therefore see newsletters with empty boxes or red crosses. We find this unfortunate: a good first impression dramatically increases website traffic.

Beautiful newsletters with Headlines™

Images in Headlines™ newsletters are displayed immediately in more than 99% of  the cases. Recipients will see the newsletter as you intended it to be. A beautiful newsletter increases the likelihood that a recipient visits your website. And more traffic often increases sales and profit. Headlines™ helps you make a great first impression.

44% more traffic

Our recent study also showed that our Headlines™ newsletters generated 44% more traffic to our clients website. Almost half of the unique clicks came from people with e‑mail defaults that prevent that images are downloaded automatically. Potential customers you would have missed with a ‘traditional’ newsletter because of the unattractive empty boxes or red crosses. Because our Headlines™ newsletter displays images directly, more recipients are triggered

Headlines increases the call to action. 

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