Headlines and BYOD

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Businesses will more and more often encounter BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device”. Employees bring their iPad or smartphone to the office and associate it with an e-mail account or connect to a system through a remote desktop connection.

Headlines en BYOD

Usually the IT department does not allow these devices to connect directly to the corporate network. Connecting to the WIFI network has been a topic for conversation, access to internal websites is seen as a risk. On mobile devices the internal newsletters, often featuring ‘Read more’ buttons, do not function as intended and links to internal websites have become inaccessible.

This is unfortunate; your (internal) newsletter loses much of its impact.

Using Headlines, you ensure that all employees can keep up-to-date of the latest (internal) news. All the content is delivered with the newsletter. To retain ease of use, Headlines newsletters contain folding sections. Thus, the use of mobile devices and keeping your employees informed can be achieved, without risk.

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