Government-wide branding in Carma DocSys

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In recent months, the Carma DocSys – which has been the document generator of the Ministry of Transport since 2001, adapted to the new government-wide identity and corporate style. All sections of the Ministry of Transport are currently working on deploying the latest version of Carma DocSys, with the right corporate design models. In early 2009, everyone who works at the Ministry will be able to apply the right corporate style in all Word and PowerPoint documents.


XML transformer

Within Rijkswaterstaat, two applications are in use. GROS, the land acquisition system of RWS, and Quicklic, a decision application that generates the contents of a permit. To implement these applications in order to get the correct corporate style, the XML transformer was developed. The XML Transformer turns an XML document, which is supplied by external applications, into a complete Word document with content in the correct corporate design. The input XML is checked against an XSD schema and if the correct format, a Word document is created using the Carma DocSys engine.


Document Server

The DocSys Document server will eventually replace the XML transformer. Here, the documents are no longer within the system, but the user has made ​​a web service where the XML documents can be sent to directly from the external applications. An installation of a server is sufficient for all services.

Because the corporate style is defined by the Document Server, the Document Server can be used as a central document generator by various external applications. It will not be necessary that these external applications themselves need to be defined and managed when it comes to the new corporate design. The management of the design can be done directly and exclusively via the Document Server.

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