Gold, frankincense and myrrh?

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Gold, frankincense and myrrh? No, this year we will do it very differently! In accordance with tradition, something will come from the East on 6 January. This year, B-ware is presenting Business Software from Enschede:

DocSys.Web is the central feature in this modernised web site. This house-style computerisation software has already helped more than 150,000 staff to send all correspondence in the house-style. Because this is not the only strength of DocSys.Web we have created a web site containing extensive information on all other possibilities. This is supplemented with testimonials from our clients, including NS, Arcadis, KPN, Menzis and Strukton, because, of course, practical examples say the most.

What is DocSys.Web?

DocSys.Web is specialised in the creation of Office documents in the correct house-style. It is a modular software package – a module is available for every Office application. This flexible solution is appropriate to every size of organisation and house-style ambition. You select which modules are interesting for your organisation and therefore do not pay for functionalities that you do not use. For example, Writer as a supplement to Word, Impress for PowerPoint presentations and Signer handles all e-mail signatures in Outlook.

The intelligent architecture means that DocSys.Web is used not only as a house-style monitor, but also that all documents are automatically archived with a link to DMS systems without this requiring extra actions by employees. Contacts from Outlook and CRM are integrated effortlessly with DocSys.CRM, which makes DocSys.Web an ideal aid to help employees work more efficiently. Everyone can focus on issues of content without being distracted.

This new web site provides more insight into the possibilities of DocSys.Web, the house-style system that supplies the house-style for more than 50 companies and helps more than 150,000 employees to create Microsoft and Open Office documents.

About B-ware Business Software, specialist in software development

B-ware Business Software is the market leader in the field of document generation. B-ware Business Software has distinguished itself with innovative solutions in the market for 20 years. The fact that B-ware has stringent demands in terms of the quality, the delivery periods and good aftercare means that it is highly successful in client retention.

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