Fast and flawless: Document generator

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Generate personalised documents for your clients and relations fast and flawlessly with the DocSys server-based document generator. Like Jan van Garderen, CFO and head of ICT at Heuvelrug Wonen says: “This is the speed we were waiting for”.

Personalised documents

Whether you’re making a few personal documents or a complete personalised bulk mailing, the document generator produces perfectly personalised, separated documents. You can store these documents at a location determined by you. For example, automatically archive them at file level (I.E. as Word or PDF file) and send them individually by e-mail. Or send the documents to an automated printer and send them by mail.

How does it work?

The document generator uses a base document and an XML document with all variable data. The base document is based on a model (template) in which house style (potentially consisting of multiple logo’s and fonts) and layout is defined. The locations where personal data (such as names, addresses, salutations) should be placed are set. Other content can be generated with the aid of text blocks or entered manually. A custom plug-in generates the XML data document from data in your HRM database, CMS or other databases.

Combining information

The document generator combines both files into a series of personalised documents in house style. This all happens on an external server, making it lightning fast and you can continue to work in the meanwhile. We can generate personalised annual overviews for 100.000 customers within an hour.


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