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Enhance communication by e-mail, support campaigns

More and more communication is digital. With DocSys.Web you are assured of the right corporate branding in all your e-mails. The Signer module makes sure the correct e-mail signature is placed in all e-mails. Signer is now extended with the ability to add a Pay-off to e-mail signatures. The Pay-off can contain text and graphics which can be changed centrally, making the E-mail Pay-off perfect for supporting your marketing campaigns.

Benefits and flexibility

The new module is flexible and changes your e-mails in real marketing tools. Create multiple Pay-offs with images and text that link to specific landing pages to increase website traffic.

  • Choice of text or an image or a combination of both;
  • Font always set in house style, choose size and colour per word;
  • Work with multiple pay-offs at the same time (changing Pay-off);
  • Duration and priority / importance of items can be set in advance;
  • Use different Pay-offs for internal and external communication;

Centralized management

Like all other DocSys.Web modules, the Pay-off module can be centrally managed. Maintenance and making campaigns for an entire department is therefore simple and takes little time.

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