(e-)HRM Integration

Reasons to select DocSys.HRM as a partner

Prevent retyping of data with data links.

The fact that it is simple to link with other IT systems such as SAP SuccessFactors PeopleSoft and AFAS means that fewer human actions are required. This increases the reliability and throughput speed of the processes.

Intelligent text blocks prevent ‘search and replace’ work.

The correspondence book generator uses intelligent text blocks. This means that they contain logic and data links, so less has to be entered, and that texts are entered automatically on the basis of selection fields or linked data. This prevents mistakes and saves your HRM department a great deal of time.

Intelligent default letters with hyperlinks reduce maintenance.

You can use the Document Wizard to link text blocks to a house style model. In a normal correspondence book three texts blocks in two types of letter results in six physical documents. It is therefore possible to select the incorrect version for use. If the text is changed you must enter this for every type of letter. Default documents do not require alteration because they place text blocks in a house style model as a type of hyperlink.

Retrieval of document layout from Human Resource Management system.

Besides the ‘HRM correspondence book’ generator function, DocSys can also be used for any document created by the HRM. For (front) office related output DocSys is the ideal layout and printing module in your Document Output Management toolset.

DocSys.HRM is available as a white label/OEM solution.

The DocSys-suite is simple convert to a different house style so that you can market it under you own brand and price structure. This also applies to HRM consultancies or suppliers of E-HRM solutions.