DocSys.Web® is the ‘HEINEKEN – VI Tool’

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DocSys.Web from B-ware Business Software, located in Enschede, The Netherlands, was selected as the correspondence and presentation tool for applying the new global Company Visual Identity of HEINEKEN, which was introduced on Monday September 19th, 2011.

DocSys.Web was selected by HEINEKEN as it was able to meet all of the company’s global requirements for the roll-out of its new correspondence and presentation templates. The key factors that lead to the selection of DocSys.Web are the very easy central administration of the web based system and the support for all Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office versions currently being used by HEINEKEN around the globe.

Furthermore, the proven technology, the existing large installed base and international presence of the application played an important role in the decision process.

Implementing the new Company Visual Identity

In a relative short period of about four months, the standard DocSys.Web product was configured, tailored, tested and deployed, with the desired Microsoft Office models and HEINEKEN organizational data. In close cooperation with VBAT, the design agency that developed the new Company Visual Identity, all correspondence, presentation and e-mail signature models were developed, implemented, tested and approved.

Global presence

The ‘HEINEKEN – VI Tool’ will be available in at least 13 languages. It is in the process of being deployed in multiple operating companies around the world.  The tool is scalable allowing additional languages to be added as and when required.

Global acceptance

B-ware also provided the initial content for the Quick Reference Guide that was distributed to all employees at the launch of the new Company Visual Identity and created a set of tutorial movies as an easy way to introduce how to use the new templates. Where necessary on-site training is also being provided by B-ware.


The DocSys.Web system was professionally tested and approved by Logica Nederland B.V. The tests were based on approximately 200 test scripts that were created in close consultation with all parties involved.


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