DocSys.Web® works with all browsers

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Until now it was only possible to start DocSys.Web directly from the desktop, Ms Office or Internet Explorer. It is now possible to start DocSys.Web from any browser with the new DocSysStarter. From version 2.0.4 the DocSysStarter is automatically included, with older versions it is possible to install it separately.

As the browser selection screen is approaching, it is important for everybody to check if his application is prepared to work with a different browser. DocSys.Web runs in a separate process on the desktop. The launch of this process was first only supported by Internet Explorer. B-ware has therefore developed a separate application that can be started, after installation, in every browser. This application will, without user interface, boot DocSys.Web.

The technology behind this new booting method works with all browsers at the Windows platform . Together with the five major browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Apple Safari, this technique has been tested.


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