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It is possible to delete Internet Explorer 8  from the system with the introduction of Windows 7. With the release of the Release Candidate on May 1st 2009, B-ware tested if DocSys.Web still functions correctly as a web application.  Tests showed that even without a installed browser, DocSys.Web continues to work flawless. Conclusion: DocSys.Web is independed of a browser!

Internet Explorer as an optional Windows component

In anticipation of a ruling of the European Commission, Microsoft already makes it possible to release Windows 7 without Internet Explorer 8.  For now, turning off the Windows component, via: Control Panel – Programs – Windows features on or off, only to lead to the removal of iexplore.exe.  After this it is indeed not possible to browse to a http-address.

There is now also the possibility to install an alternative browser like Firefox, Opera or for example Google Chrome in stead of Internet Explorer.

EU investigates link Windows and IE

The European Commission requires that Microsoft offers a version of Windows without Internet Explorer.
In January this year the European Commission confirmed that they investigate the bundling of Internet Explorer and Windows on request of the Norwegian browser Opera.
Should this investigation by the European Commission will lead to the fact that Microsoft is punishable by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows, then probably, the consumer can choose their own browser if they install Windows.

The reason of this investigation is the complaint that the Norwegian browser Opera made in 2007.  Opera says that they have suffered for years from Microsoft, as other providers of browsers can not get a big market share. Internet Explore dominates the market already for years as they are installed as the default browser on any Windows PC.

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