DocSys.Web® generates documents for DigiJust

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DocSys.Web is used within the project DigiJust of the Ministry of Justice, as a tailored document generator. The web-based architecture, open extensibility and the use of open standards were the basis for selecting DocSys.Web. B-ware has extensive experience with linking DocSys.Web to other systems. This made​it possible to create a bi-directional pair with FileNet P8, an absolute requirement for the project.

Employees can, from the files in FileNet, create a model within Docys.Web and automatically fill in the relevant file data. After the document is edited within DocSys.Web, it can be placed back into the file in FileNet. It can also pass data from a DocSys.Web document to FileNet.

Of course, the newly created document have adapted the new corporate style of the ministry.

About DigiJust

Project DigiJust is about working on a digital Ministry of Justice. In three years time, the document management of the Ministry is fully digitalized. The Ministry is the central part of the Ministry of Justice where each day more than two thousand people process information.

DigiJust is the supporting Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system for the Administration Department of the Ministry of Justice to develop a comprehensive digital workflow. The ECM system consists of Document, Record and Workflow Management based on IBM FileNet P8.

The project is not just an IT or DIV project. The change in method and the needs of end users, including many policy makers, are considered most important. DIV and ICT are two major suppliers of the project when it comes to the operation and design of the application. This approach makes it possible to deviate from traditional methods and increase the focus on usability and familiarity. These principles have resulted in a compact metadata model. These models were already available as Dublin Core, Interlab and ReMANO. These models were not copied exactly, but interpreted in a pragmatic manner. When it comes to organizational structure, DigiJust also acknowledges the importance of digital recognizability for its users.

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