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ARCADIS Netherlands has chosen DocSys.Web as the default application to create documents. Following the planned phased migration to Microsoft Office 2007, one decided to replace the self-developed templates for the correspondence-set by a default product.  DocSys.Web has been chosen because all the different Microsoft Office versions can be supported.

Word, PowerPoint and Outlook

Letters, faxes, memos and other used templates will now be converted to the DocSys.Web  house style models, text blocks and default documents. By using the Writer module to create documents, the use and management is simplified and will go a lot faster.  Because of the open structure of DocSys.Web, it is possible to use for example address data from Outlook or a CRM system.

Employees of ARCADIS can also use DocSys.Web to create presentations in the house style of ARCADIS with PowerPoint.  Using the Impression-module it is really simple to create a basic presentation.  Via the ‘slide library’  it is possible to insert the slide in the house style of ARCADIS. It only takes one push of a button to insert a slide in the right format.

All employees using DocSys.Web can easily create their signature in the house style of ARCADIS. In this way ARCADIS facilitates a uniform appearance with the use of the Outlook signature.

About ARCADIS Netherlands BV

ARCADIS is a leading, global active, knowledge-driven enterprise. ARCADIS provides consultancy, design, engineering and management services for companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Projects are implemented and programs from concept and design to completion and management.  ARCADIS is active in the fields of Buildings, Environment, Infrastructure and Water.

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