Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions

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DocSys, since 2000 the desktop version of the identity document generator of B-ware, passed the “Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions” successfully. For this purpose, a commercially available software had to be tested by an independent third party. DocSys, as it was delivered to the Ministry of Transport for the government-wide corporate, was tested by VeriTest on its technologies within a Windows operating system and integration with Office 2003.

Microsoft Platform Test for ISV Solutions

The test consisted of a basic component and application run under the Windows XP operating system, according to the correct operation and implementation of the Microsoft guidelines. We closely followed the methods of installation, general operation, memory use and processor power. In addition, the test had to contain a component of choice. For DocSys, we chose for an integration with Microsoft Office.

A positive result in this test leads to the achievement of competence ISV / Software Solutions. Obtaining this competency is an optional part in getting the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status.


At the time of certification, December 12, 2008, the desktop version was still in use by the Ministry of Transport, Nuon, Twickel Foundation and by a limited number of employees of KPN.

For more information, please visit the website of VeriTest Product Certification, Global Development and Test Solutions, Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

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