DMS Integration

Five reasons to choose DocSys

Prevent retyping of data with data links.

Features or metadata are frequently part of the house style model or can be determined on the basis of document type and relationship. The metadata can be retrieved from other systems (e.g. the CRM) and forwarded to the DMS ‘under water’. This means that the pressure of work does not increase at a DMS, which simplifies the implementation and acceptance.

Separate entry of documents that are created in bulk.

For example, in a mailing DocSys.DMS ensures that the information sent (attachments) is entered automatically in the files of the addressees. This saves the users time-consuming manual work.

100 percent guarantee that all documents are entered.

DocSys.DMS guarantees the consistence between metadata and the physical document in all situations. This prevents document ‘losses’ due to the handy recycling of smart users. Complete ‘document capture’ is a critical success factor for a DMS.

Retrieval of document layout from Document Management System.

DocSys has a layout module for every Office component (from e-mail to spreadsheet) that enables complete checking of document creation and printing. This makes DocSys controllable as a layout module for the Document Management System.

DocSys.DMS is available as a white label/OEM solution.

It is easy to convert the DocSys-suite to a different house style so that you can market it under your own brand name and price structure.