Know your (new) customers

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More and more organizations are recognizing the value of sending (online) mailings and / or newsletters, either as a supporting acquisition and sales tool or as an implementation of the so-called “branding”. They can be used to keep your audience aware and informed about the latest developments as well.


The use of variable content in this newsletter or mailing, tailored to the needs of the recipient, plays an increasingly important role: The chance that the recipient reads your mailing is demonstrably increased. But do you know who has read your mailing or what the reader has done after reading it? Who subsequently visited your website? What could you do to follow up on these leads? How would this information be utilized in segmenting your audience within your CRM application for your next mailing?

Interesting questions? Invite us for a good discussion, and we are happy to show you how your IT Services and Solutions Marketing and Sales Department can help you achieve your growth goals. (Piet Kamma, Sales Manager, phone number +31 (0)53 789 0 987).


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