CRM Integration

Reasons to choose DocSys as a partner

Prevent retyping of data with data links.

Smartphones are becoming increasingly intelligent. For example, some have the option to photograph business cards and to include them in the contacts via OCR. Synchronisation with Outlook makes telephone contacts also available for e-mail. DocSys.CRM can compare the data fields and prepare them for entry in the CRM for your commercial staff.

Separate registration of actions that are created in bulk.

In a mailing DocSys.DMS ensures that the information sent (attachments) is automatically included in the actions for the addressed contacts. An action is also created for the responsible employee. This gives you an overview of the effectiveness of actions without extra manual actions in the CRM system.

All contacts are detected.

DocSys has a module for every Office layout application (mail, document, spreadsheet, presentation and printing). This prevents contacts being overlooked. Complete ‘contact & response capture’ is a critical success factor for a CRM system.

Retrieve document layout from Customer Relation Management system.

DocSys can function as a layout module for the CRM. Communication expressions are moments of truth in the CRM concept. DocSys.CRM has a unique ability to guarantee that the house style is used for all Office related communication with clients.

DocSys.CRM is available as a white label/OEM solution.

The DocSys-suite is simple convert to a different house style so that you can market it under you own brand and price structure.

DocSys integrates with many systems, check some of them here.