Corporate identity: templates and models

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Many organisations use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint templates to create letters and presentations according to their corporate identity. DocSys uses intelligent house style models, which let you create documents and presentations with ease.

Many benefits

The house style models in DocSys help you to create your correspondence according to your corporate identity. These models work with Microsoft Office 2003, 2010 and 365 and OpenOffice, and provide important advantages over traditional templates.

Always up to date

A house style model, just like a template, contains all the information needed to format a document; such as font, line spacing, size positioning of logo’s among many others. DocSys is a web-based application: Models, text blocks, and standardletters (combined models and text blocks) are stored on one central location, making it easy to implement changes in text or formatting of documents. DocSys makes sure that everybody is always using the latest versions of your corporate identity, guaranteeing a professional look in all documents.

User friendly forms save time

With DocSys it’s easy to create a PowerPoint-presentation in your house style. Using a userfriendly form users choose key date such as date, salutation, customer name and singer, after which these fields are placed in the current locations in the document. Contrary to ordinary templates such data only has to be inputted once. Once the form is filled you can input any content directly into the document.

Prevent errors by retrieving data from databases and Outlook address books

DocSys comes with an address book. DocSys is an open system, making it possible to create links to various databases, for example using your current CRM system to insert address information into letters. It is also possible to use Microsoft Outlook contact folders to create multiple letters at once, making manually creating mail-merges a thing of the past.

DocSys saves time and prevents mistakes.


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