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DocSys.Web has been implemented at the head office of the Custodial Institutions Agency
Monday the 31st of August, this in combination with the migration to a new infrastructure. All employees have access to the application to create documents and PowerPoint presentations in the Government-wide house style.
Eventually, all employees of the Ministry of Justice will have access to DocSys.Web.

Word and PowerPoint

A complete set of Microsoft Word house style models (letters, notes, minutes, circular, etc.) are available with DocSys.Web. Using text blocs and default documents gives the possibility to create and maintain all necessary documents. In this way the use and management will be simplified and will work a lot faster. Because of the open structure of DocSys.Web it is possible to reuse for example address date from the old house style application.

Employees of the Custodial Institutions Agency can also use DocSys.Web to create presentations in the house style of Custodial Institution Agency with PowerPoint. Using the Impression-module it is really simple to create a basic presentation. Via the ‘slide library’ it is possible to insert the slide in the right house style. It only takes one push of a button to insert a slide in the right format.

Shared Service Center ICT

WIth professional guidance of de SSC-I, the ICT executive of the Custodial Institutions Agency, has rapidly installed DocSys.Web. In this period they also arranged print management of DocSys.Web. SSC-I is now able to quickly and simply manage the printers and paper trays. This makes it possible for employees of Custodial Institutions Agency to print their documents on the right paper type, without having to worry if the paper trays are filled.

About Custodial Instituion Agency

The Custodial Institutions Agency (CIA) ensures a safe, efficient and dignified execution of freedom-depriving punishments and measures. That way, the department contributions to increase in safety for the society.  The Custodial Institution Agency is one of the largest organizations in the Netherlands with more then hundred offices and 19.000 employees. On a yearly basis CIA houses around 80,000 ‘guests’. This will take place in jails for adults, but there are also facilities for young offenders, and psychiatric centres. CIA is an agency of the Ministry of Justice. This means that this agency has a certain degree of independence. Every year the CIA will receive a budget from the ministry and there are also some agreements about the performances of the CIA between the CIA and the ministry.
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