Strukton has many faces but presents itself with one model

Strukton has a great many operating companies with different logos, division names, addresses and possibly Strukton endorsements on the first page. Surveyable administration and simple maintenance are therefore high priorities for a new house style system.

The house style system must combine central direction with decentralised variety and flexibility for a competitive price. Core question: how can we guarantee that all Word documents that are sent by every operating company are correct?

DocSys modules fit onto the Office modules like Lego blocks. The fact that the house style control takes place on top of and not in Office means that much more can be arranged for clients. The models are based on open standards and can therefore handle multiple languages, identities and Office versions.

Using the Multi Label Manager makes it easy for Strukton to add identities and implement changes centrally, while the web-based architecture ensures problem-free updates. This intelligent architecture saves Strukton time and money when maintaining the corporate profile.

For us it was crucial that the house style system is easy for the operating companies to use and that the management and maintenance do not give us any headaches. We can add and change business units extremely easy, while the house style remains completely secure. The fact that the models are updated via the web means that our IT department is also extremely satisfied with this solution and every operating company produces every document with the correct house style.
Esther Gruter, Communication Strukton

About Strukton

Strukton started as the construction company of the NS in 1918. The head office in Utrecht (the ‘ink pot’) was built by this construction company. In 1921, this department became an independent PLC. In 1974, the name was changed to Strukton after a merger with the Danish construction company Christiani & Nielsen.

Strukton is now an important player in the Dutch construction sector and one of the largest rail infrastructure specialists in Europe. Strukton’s core activities are Rail, Civil Infrastructure and Buildings. Strukton employs approximately 6.000 staff.

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