At Menzis the human element is paramount, also in the front-office

People are the paramount factor in everything that Menzis does. An important requirement during the merger in 2005 was the support of the house style in an efficient and user friendly manner. Clients that need this support in difficult times can rely on Menzis. Translated in terms of correspondence this means that it must be personal and faultless.

The integration of back office systems is always a point of concern during a merger. With its open hybrid architecture, DocSys has a unique ability to generate complex documents on the basis of information from other IT systems. As fewer human actions are required, this increases the quality and reduces the throughput and response time.

An integrated house style system was set up for Menzis for Word and PowerPoint with a special lock for Office documents. For example, the automatic link with other IT systems (including the CRM system) has significantly accelerated the throughput time for the creation of contracts.

The employees save a great deal of time with DocSys. They find the simplicity and convenience when making house style templates particularly ideal. DocSys also provides the output of contract data from Archie on an Excel spreadsheet. The output is used for the source system and the data on the Excel spreadsheet can be determined by Menzis.
Maikel van Droffelaar, Functional Manager at Menzis

About Menzis

Menzis was established by the merger of the insurers Amicon, Geové and NVS. With more than two million policyholders, Menzis is one of the top 4 health insurers in the Netherlands. It offers services and insurance in the field of care, health promotion, absenteeism due to illness, absenteeism reduction and reintegration.

As a cooperative, for Menzis profit is a means to achieve the goal of good and affordable care. Menzis is distinguished by its focus on the clients. For Menzis these are the policyholders and also the employers with a collective contract and Insurance offices. Menzis employs more than 2.200 staff, divided amongst three locations.

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