KPMG chooses Headlines

KPMG wants to be the natural choice for clients and employees by helping its clients to deal with today’s challenges and issues. To communicate this leading content a packaging is required that projects professionalism and importance, Headlines supports KPMG to do so.

This is why KPMG sought an application that makes the production of newsletters in the house style easier, but that also met the requirements of its own IT department in relation to management, meticulousness and security.

In today’s busy world of e-mails, form and image noticeably increase the attention value. This is why a number of flexible headline models have been developed that give the outstanding content a recognisable quality image in the KPMG house style.

A number of variants have been developed within the house style in order to give information from the Board, Works Council, HRM, Facilities/IT and the KPMG competence groups a distinctive look. With Headlines, KPMG communicates today’s issues to both clients and employees.

The strength of headlines lies in its simplicity. This enables new users to rapidly create and send newsletters or invitations without extensive training or supervision. In particular this means that the creation of internal newsletters is easy to decentralise. This is now carried out by approximately 250 users, distributed amongst the KPMG offices around the country. And all of this in accordance with our house style.
Martin Janse, Project Manager CRM at KPMG

About KPMG

KPMG Nederland is part of the international KPMG network, a worldwide leader in auditing, tax and advisory service. KPMG wants to be a leader in the markets where it operates. It wants to be the natural choice for clients and staff because it offers the best possible auditing, tax and advisory service. KPMG Nederland has 15 offices and employs approximately 3.500 staff. KPMG supports clients when handling the important issues and modern challenges.

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