National house style set up at the Ministry of Justice and Security

In 2007, the national house style was launched, with the aim being to contribute to a distinctive, accessible and unambiguous presentation of the national government. The launch of the national house style prompted the improvement of the house style correspondence and presentation system.

The default document ‘designer’ of DocSys combines the national house style model and text blocks. In this way, the national house style model and the defined text blocks are selected automatically as soon as an employee selects a default document. The employee does not have to enter any data. This reduces mistakes and increases productivity.

In DocSys, content, layout and process are separated in order to increase convenience and flexibility and to reduce the maintenance costs. This separation allows DocSys models to work in all versions of Microsoft Office.

Only the templates of the basic house style models are altered for a migration to Open Office. This migrates all default documents without any extra effort being taken by the Ministry of  Justice and Security

The strength of DocSys is the fact that it can guarantee that all documents are always registered in the DMS. It is also an excellent document generator with a modern, open IT architecture.

About the Ministry of Justice and Security

The Ministry of Justice and Security is responsible for the rule of law in the Netherlands, so that people can live together in freedom, regardless of their lifestyle and beliefs. The Ministry has approximately 30.000 employees.

This Ministry has also used DocSys.Web for independent units (Judicial Detention Service) and in improvement schemes. For example, a separate shell was created on the FileNet Document Management System (DMS) for the DigiJust improvement project.

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