DocSys.Web® and eWorX at Antares

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The housing market is subject to fluctuations. Antares would like to be innovative in order to respond to this. In order to be able to effectively serve the various target groups Antares is developing other housing forms, new facilities and better services.
The mailings to tenants, of which the documents must be archived, were formerly manually indexed by employees. This was time-consuming and not efficient enough for the employees in many cases.

DocSys.Web link with eWorX of SquareDMS

With the automatic document recognition module of eWorX of SquareDMS it is now possible to automatically process a large part of outgoing and internal papers and electronic documents. The linkage of DocSys.Web with the eWorX document information system makes it possible to archive documents from the mailings to tenants separately in eWorX. Due to the automatic registration of features it is no longer necessary for the employees of Antares to index the documents manually. Moreover, the registration data is transferred automatically for reply letters.

Rogier Verheijen, Head of IT at Antares, is extremely positive about the use of DocSys.Web:
“DocSys.Web makes the creation and management of documents much simpler for our employees. The linkage of DocSys.Web and eWorX reduces the work load for employees.”

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