Automated document generation for fast and faultless communication

DocSys ensures that your Office documents are automatically created in the right corporate identity by your employees. DocSys is a suite of flexible modules that can be set up in accordance with your organization’s wishes. DocSys can be fully integrated in Office and is also available as a (SaaS or On-premise) browser-based solution.

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What is in it for Purchasing Managers?

DocSys ContractgeneratorDocSys creates contracts with the right and most up to date content and always in the correct house style. You can focus on procurement and spend less time creating documents to close the deal.

The management costs of a web-based application are lower on average than those of a house style application based on the client. You decrease costs by choosing DocSys. Another advantage is IT doesn’t need to get involved because DocSys is a Cloud solution.

Cost savings

Significant management costs savings due to web-basedarchitecture.

Reduces TCO

Less maintenance reduces TCO by a minimum of 30%

A house style last for an average of 9 years, while Microsoft launches a new Office or Operating System every 3 years. The house style models of DocSys.Web continue to work without update costs.

Reduce printing costs

Save to 4% on the printing costs

The printing costs are reduced by 2 to 4% by the automated selection of the paper and printer tray. Using Kix codes enables you to make additional savings on postage costs.

Multi-label advantage

The DocSys house style models permit various logos and subscriptors. One model can be used throughout the company. This produces significant savings. Examples are Strukton & Alliander (large number of brands) and the national government.

Save time

Working hours savings of 3 minutes per document

With DocSys, employees focus purely on the content. The document creation and layout process is completely automated. This means that you save an average of 3 minutes per document. Although this saving ‘evaporates’, it is fair to include this efficiency benefit of 2 working days per year per office employee as an imponderable.

Competitive support rates

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