Automated document generation for fast and faultless communication

DocSys ensures that your Office documents are automatically created in the right corporate identity by your employees. DocSys is a suite of flexible modules that can be set up in accordance with your organization’s wishes. DocSys can be fully integrated in Office and is also available as a (SaaS or On-premise) browser-based solution.

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What is in it for marketing and sales managers?

Departments such as Customer Contact, Marketing & Sales are important ‘brand touch points’ that work with your house style. The documents that they create are frequently far less presentable than your printed material. DocSys ensures that all documents are in the correct house style. By doing so, DocSys supports marketing and sales by improving brand recognition.

Communication with impact without stress

Update and personalise references with Publish, produce stylish mailings and newsletters with Headlines. Saving on DTP costs and making a better impression is as simple as making a presentation with DocSys.

Separate registration of actions

In a mailing, DocSys ensures that the documents are automatically linked to the correct client/contact person and responsible employee (for follow-up). This increases your insight into the response to actions.

100% guarantee of inclusion in CRM

DocSys automatically uses data from Outlook Telephone contacts and creates an action to enter it into the CRM. The CRM remains current by reducing the workload for your employees.

Proven savings

Data links in documents save time and irritation. At Menzis, the tendering house style automatically retrieves data from the CRM and ERP system. This prevents mistakes and saves an average of half an hour per tender. Whether you use Archie, Microsoft CRM, SAP or Oracle, DocSys can improve the document layout for every CRM and ERP system.