Automated document generation for fast and faultless communication

DocSys ensures that your Office documents are automatically created in the right corporate identity by your employees. DocSys is a suite of flexible modules that can be set up in accordance with your organization’s wishes. DocSys can be fully integrated in Office and is also available as a (SaaS or On-premise) browser-based solution.

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What is in it for HRM-managers?

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Startup Stock Photos

A great many organisations are devoting an increasing amount of attention to ‘internal branding’. By leaving this ‘in-house style’ to DocSys the HRM is free to focus on more tactical HRM service provision.

DocSys takes care of all your HRM documents while you take care of your employees.

DocSys integrates with HRIS-systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, PeopleSoft and AFAS means that fewer human actions are required. This increases the reliability and throughput speed of the processes.

Linked with SAP (SuccessFactors)

Data links in default letters and contracts save HRM a great deal of time. At HEINEKEN as well as Astellas Pharma through the SAP SuccessFactors link, employee particulars are automatically placed on the right spot in contracts and other documents. A fast and accurate response reduces stress in your employees.

Simple alteration of CLA and employment conditions

The fact that the text blocks contain scripts (choices and options) means that texts are only saved once. The limited number of text blocks allows you to control the ‘tone of voice’ and easily update your HRM correspondence book.

Simple checking of regular HRM mass communication

With a ‘zero mailing’ the documents are created directly from the HRM systems and offered to HRM for checking. You only have to check the latest changes (not the process and output).

Proven solution

DocSys is used as a correspondence book, contract- and document generator for both customised work and default HRM packages. A connection is always successfully made between HRM and Communication in order to improve the ‘internal branding’.