Central government visual identity already preconfigured

With more than 50.000 users, DocSys.Web is the market leader for governmental organisations. The main reason is the open hybrid architecture. Open means that it is easy for you to make data links with other systems. DocSys is hybrid because it controls the Office environment, but it is also easily controlled by other IT systems in order for it to be used as a document generator. Read the ‘Front Office Efficiency’ fact sheet for an explanation.

What is in it for governmental organisations?

DocSys is used in the Public Sector. The launch of the national house style prompted the improvement of the house style correspondence and presentation system. The Dutch Ministery of Security and Justice uses DocSys.

The same interface for all Office versions

With the Office Toolbar Manager you can place all functions in a single house style tool bar or ribbon. The icons and functions remain the same when you change the Office environment, and this saves you familiarisation time.

Proven savings

With 50.000 users, DocSys is the market leader for the national government. Implementation without configuration costs and with the savings specified for the purchasing manager makes DocSys a cost neutral investment. If you then migrate to Open Office you even earn money with DocSys.

Migrating to Open Office without training and costs

The models are available in both Microsoft and Open Office. Because the house style tool bar remains the same, your users will probably notice nothing of a migration from Microsoft to Open Office with DocSys.

One model for all sections of your organisation

With the Multi Label Manager you can use the national house style models that already exist and adapt them at the departmental level for your specific Ministry or independent service.

Entry without configuration costs

DocSys has already been successfully implemented for a number of Ministries and governmental bodies. The national house style has been used in both Microsoft and Open Office environments.

Central government visual identity is preconfigured

DocSys.Web is already preconfigured in the national visual identity for both Microsoft and Open Office. When you migrate you pay nothing for the models and will not incur configuration costs.