Automated document generation for fast and faultless communication

DocSys ensures that your Office documents are automatically created in the right corporate identity by your employees. DocSys is a suite of flexible modules that can be set up in accordance with your organization’s wishes. DocSys can be fully integrated in Office and is also available as a (SaaS or On-premise) browser-based solution.

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What is in it for DMS partners & project managers?

Document management systems (DMS) are ideal for the administration and combination of documents in files. Document creation and layout is not a core task of a DMS. DocSys fulfils that function for a DMS: read more about DMS-integration.

Proven solution

The unique ‘document handler’ enables the DMS to control DocSys.DMS, as if it was its own layout module. This applies with a great many DMS systems, such as eWorX, DocuShare, FileNet, SharePoint, DocBase, Corsa and Hummingbird.

100% guarantee of inclusion in DMS

DocSys.DMS guarantees the consistency between metadata and the physical document in all situations. This prevents documents from being ‘lost’ due to handy reuse by smart users.

Automatic registration of features

These features are frequently part of the house style model or are available via a data link. DocSys.CRM then automatically passes the features on to the CRM. This simplifies the entry of a DMS.

Automatic separate entry

In a mailing, DocSys.DMS ensures that the documents sent are entered automatically in the files of the addressees. This saves your employees a time-consuming manual action.