Добро пожаловать HEINEKEN Россия

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Welcome HEINEKEN Russia

Today is yet another milestone in the history of DocSys.Web; Russia was added to the growing list of countries where DocSys.Web is used.

HEINEKEN Russia converts Office documents in style with DocSys.Web

The ‘HEINEKEN – VI Tool’ as DocSys.Web is called at HEINEKEN, is a multilingual system. Both the Office templates and the application are available in 13 different languages. Worth noting is that the application is installed on a central server in Frankfurt. Users from all over the world log on to the same system. Only one installation worldwide: easy to maintain.
In Russia DocSys.Web is presented with a Russian-language user interface. Office documents are in Russian and use a Russian-language spell checker, making it as easy as possible for the more than 2000 new users to get to know the new correspondence and presentation tool and automatically start using the new global corporate identity HEINEKEN.


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