DocSys: automated document generation for fast and faultless communication

DocSys ensures that your Office documents are automatically created in the right corporate identity by your employees. DocSys is a suite of flexible modules that can be set up in accordance with your organization’s wishes. DocSys can be fully integrated in Office and is also available as a (SaaS or On-premise) browser-based solution.

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Improvement scheme applied dynamically by Holmatro

We are very happy that DocSys is also used by our international colleagues. This optimisation gives the international recognisability of Holmatro more potency. Our colleagues use this web-based software optimally, partially due to the high level of user-friendliness offered by DocSys.
Saskia Samama, Head of Marketing at Holmatro

Reliable clients stimulate innovation at NS

We recognised the possibilities offered by DocSys from the start. One of the core values of NS is reliability. We also demand this from our suppliers. DocSys has been helping us to maintain the house style in a user-friendly and simple manner for many years. As an organisation we are making a transition to a market and customer focus. The experience with the current DocSys-suite makes it easier for my internal client to migrate from Office 2003 to Office 2010 efficiently.
Evert-Jan van Himbergen, Project manager Corporate Identity NS

Strukton has many faces but presents itself with one model

For us it was crucial that the house style system is easy for the operating companies to use and that the management and maintenance do not give us any headaches. We can add and change business units extremely easy, while the house style remains completely secure. The fact that the models are updated via the web means that our IT department is also extremely satisfied with this solution and every operating company produces every document with the correct house style.
Esther Gruter, Communication Strukton

ARCADIS anchors qualifications and certificates

As a knowledge-driven business it is important for ARCADIS that we confirm our qualifications. The relevant logos of certificates and quality standards achieved differ per profession and per country. We wanted to secure this in our visual identity in order to avoid cutting and pasting and missed opportunities. We are satisfied with the flexibility and multilingual aspect of the house style system. All of our documents and presentations now project ARCADIS quality.
Paulien Zijlstra, Communication consultant ARCADIS

KPMG chooses Headlines

The strength of headlines lies in its simplicity. This enables new users to rapidly create and send newsletters or invitations without extensive training or supervision. In particular this means that the creation of internal newsletters is easy to decentralise. This is now carried out by approximately 250 users, distributed amongst the KPMG offices around the country. And all of this in accordance with our house style.
Martin Janse, Project Manager CRM at KPMG

Antares develops printed material independently

For us it was primarily the ease with which you create and check simple printing work, that was the decisive reason to take this step. The default pattern suffices for the great majority of the communication. Naturally, that a real default is being used takes getting used to, but there are significant advantages in terms of time and money.
Marian Wijnen, Communication advisor Antares

Effective document management starts with document creation at Wooncompagnie

The employees appreciate the fact that the key words are entered automatically when documents are created. As an IT manager I find it important that DocSys gives me a 100% guarantee on the input of all documents in the DMS. This means that I can say with complete certainty that we are achieving the goals and results with this investment.
René Mackenbach, Head of IT at Wooncompagnie

At Menzis the human element is paramount, also in the front-office

The employees save a great deal of time with DocSys. They find the simplicity and convenience when making house style templates particularly ideal. DocSys also provides the output of contract data from Archie on an Excel spreadsheet. The output is used for the source system and the data on the Excel spreadsheet can be determined by Menzis.
Maikel van Droffelaar, Functional Manager at Menzis

Generate perfect documents for corporate and customer communication

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The great advantage of DocSys.Web is convenience. It is faster and simpler for your employees to work in accordance with the house style. You do not have to function as the house style police.

Always current

The web-base architecture will enable your employees to always work with the current house style models. The latest house style models are even used when old documents or presentations are recycled.


For example, you do not need to change the house style models in migrations from Office 2003 to Office 2010. You can use the same model for several languages.


The DocSys application is multilingual. Cyrillic languages, Turkish, Chinese and Bengali are also supported. When you change the language, the document headings are translated and the spell check is set correctly.


You can appoint local managers who can manage help texts and/or models on the basis of existing IT rights structures. Your IT department does not have to adjust anything for the management.


A module is available for every Office application. An appropriate solution can be created for every ambition and size of organisation. DocSys is in use at small (3 licences) and large organisations (32.000 licences).

About DocSys

DocSys is a user friendly solution to ensure faultless documents and correspondence in house style to strengthen Corporate Identity. DocSys can be fully integrated in Office, can be used with an Enterprise Service Bus and is also available as a SaaS or On-premise webbased-solution. The unique open hybrid architecture ensures that your documents always have the correct look. DocSys offers a flexible solution, for every infrastructure, ambition and company size.

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